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Imbrication refers to the overlapping of elements such as shingles on a roof. It’s used in communication theory to talk about how messages and information exchanged over time in the same or similar ways start to overlap and create a strong sense of shared meaning. It’s a great word to describe what is happening as […]

Last weekend as we all went back into our corners for Reading Week, such as it was, a curious thing happened. Our network as a MACT cohort underwent exponent amplification as we shared poster concepts, crowdsourced contacts and worked together at a scale that I hadn’t seen before. Flash back to a year ago when […]

On May 8, I posted on the struggle to get Facebook to stop banning breastfeeding photos and the role Jodine Chase plays as an important node in that network. When I went onto my Facebook page this morning, I saw a new post by Jodine. It began like this: “Good morning. I’m going dark for […]

Thank you, Raul Pacheco, for tweeting the link to What Does the Professional Look Like Today by Allison Fine. It was one of those great articles that underscored how profoundly the professional landscape is changing. The attributes of the new professional Fine draws are also those of a transformational leader, who uses inspiration and vision […]

Yesterday in our Social Networks class, Kate Milberry raised the issue of ‘personalization’ by sites like Facebook and shared an article from Tech Crunch that revealed the way that Facebook had censored a comment by prominent blogger Robert Scoble. I tweeted it to my friend Jodine Chase, who is passionate about promoting breastfeeding and has […]

Although network theory identifies formal and informal networks as two different entities, they can in fact be both, depending on circumstances. This is apparent in the network that I work within. I’ve been an independent consultant since 1998. I have no employees. However, I work within a rich network of other consultants, some on their […]

Self as Brand


Farmville. Pesky strawberry crops were always dying on me, so I moved away. Somewhere in WebLand there is a sad little abandoned homestead with my name on it. Tending my blog feels a bit like working the fields in Farmville . However, the reward for tending my blog is far greater than any amount of […]

Yochai Benkler The Benkler article ( was a favorite reading last year and in subsequent courses, I’ve come back to it again and again (have to love that cut and paste when doing the reference).  I think he nails key concepts about the internet, our interactions with the web, how and why people use […]

Are we human?


Berners-Lee reminds us that the purpose of the web is to enhance our humanity; as Dr. Milberry underscored, he and other web heroes are altruistic at their very core and do what they do because they believe that the web and the opportunities it presents for collaboration and interface and interaction are humanity’s best hope […]

Introduction The following posting provides an overview and assessment of the article entitled “Interview with the Web’s Creator”, Tim Berners-Lee (now Sir Tim Berners-Lee). The article was written by Chris Oakes, who was a staff writer at the time and is now a freelance business writer based in the Paris, France area (LinkedIn, n.d.). The […]