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I’m off to attend the 2012 Accelerating Primary Care Conference where I’ll be writing daily summaries of what’s covered in the conference’s sessions. I’m also going to be presenting my poster on eHealth, Social Media and Chronic Disease Management: The Patient Perspective and looking at ways that clinicians and educators are using social media (or […]

Well, maybe not final thoughts. There are a lot of things that I want to follow up as a result of what I’ve learned about social media for people with chronic conditions. A few that might be interesting include: While Weitzman et al.(2010) and Greene et al. (2010) developed research frameworks for analyzing online information […]

Like any endeavour in life, it’s best to be armed with some awareness of what to do and what not to do before proceeding. What follows are my tips for patients going online that clinicians might want to pass along. If you do, please acknowledge the source.  Ten Tips for Patients Going Online Inform yourself […]

Understanding the range of resources and platforms on the web is critical when advising people about the kinds of opportunities they will find there for support, information and resources. Using the categories developed by Rozen et al. (2012) described in Part Four of the Information Description, here are some starting points for thinking about what […]

In choosing a site or sites to recommend or use, it’s important to know something about the range of options available. I’ve categorized the kinds of sites into four categories: social networking sites, blogs, health monitoring sites  informational websites The lines between the different types of sites tend to blur. Most social networking sites have […]

In just the same way that medication and a treatment regimen need to take into account a range of factors, so does the choice of social media sites and approaches. The internet has been rightly criticized as providing a lot of misinformation and even dangerous information. Those are good reasons to be cautious. They also […]