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This has been a very divisive campaign. It’s challenged us all to examine our values and what we stand for. The old political labels aren’t fitting well for many of us as our views and values evolve. We’re being asked to rank order our fiscal and social beliefs as never before and figure out what […]

In 2016, I had the privilege of being part of a team of consultants from Buksa working with Covenant Health on a national public engagement on palliative care. I’ve worked on policy and engagement projects for over thirty years. Palliative Care Matters stands out for how it remained focused on the views of Canadians, kept […]

Network Power


I’m a sometime Twitter user, always a little bemused by the platform. For me, Twitter is a swift flowing river where I occasionally dip my hand to catch information or add to the volume. Last week, however, while at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute 10th Anniversary Conference, I tweeted “The answer to increasing complexity is […]

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Today, I had the great pleasure of speaking to Emergency Department professionals at the WEDOC 2014 conference.  I think the most exceptional health professionals conferences are the ones that include a direct patient voice in their speaker lineup. My levels of anxiety about public speaking seem to vary depending on…



I’m off to attend the 2012 Accelerating Primary Care Conference where I’ll be writing daily summaries of what’s covered in the conference’s sessions. I’m also going to be presenting my poster on eHealth, Social Media and Chronic Disease Management: The Patient Perspective and looking at ways that clinicians and educators are using social media (or […]

Writing a day one blog post implies the tyranny of day two, but I’ll only commit to a wrap up in case I don’t get back to this 🙂 First, an impression of the Media Ecology Association community. Great diversity of ages and faces and lots of academic rigor in the audience. For every Sherry […]

Imbrication refers to the overlapping of elements such as shingles on a roof. It’s used in communication theory to talk about how messages and information exchanged over time in the same or similar ways start to overlap and create a strong sense of shared meaning. It’s a great word to describe what is happening as […]

Last weekend as we all went back into our corners for Reading Week, such as it was, a curious thing happened. Our network as a MACT cohort underwent exponent amplification as we shared poster concepts, crowdsourced contacts and worked together at a scale that I hadn’t seen before. Flash back to a year ago when […]

Thank you, Raul Pacheco, for tweeting the link to What Does the Professional Look Like Today by Allison Fine. It was one of those great articles that underscored how profoundly the professional landscape is changing. The attributes of the new professional Fine draws are also those of a transformational leader, who uses inspiration and vision […]

Although network theory identifies formal and informal networks as two different entities, they can in fact be both, depending on circumstances. This is apparent in the network that I work within. I’ve been an independent consultant since 1998. I have no employees. However, I work within a rich network of other consultants, some on their […]