I’m off to attend the 2012 Accelerating Primary Care Conference where I’ll be writing daily summaries of what’s covered in the conference’s sessions. I’m also going to be presenting my poster on eHealth, Social Media and Chronic Disease Management: The Patient Perspective and looking at ways that clinicians and educators are using social media (or not) in their interactions with their patients with chronic disease.

Dr. Michael Evans is the keynote speaker on Sunday night. He’s online at My Favourite Medicine and is using the abundance of Web 2.0 to provide great advice to clinicians and people on ways to better manage their chronic conditions and improve their overall health. Check out his video the ABC’s of Diabetes. Great advice, but wonder if he will consider adding an information prescription to the social network component of his change prescription?

If you’re interested in the conference, check it out on Twitter #APCC12 or #primarycare. We’ll be posting the daily summaries so you can find out what’s happening. I’ll post links on my blog and tweet them out, too. “See” you there.


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