E-books and Publishing


E-books are turning the publishing and reading worlds upside down. Not only are people reading more e-books and online material, more people are publishing in new ways. Books themselves are changing from static content to resources that create a rich library of resources and social media connectivity.

On Thursday, June 7, 2012, Teresa Sturgess and I are presenting a paper on e-books at the Media Ecology Association’s annual meeting in New York.

We’ve posted a copy of our paper here,  The emerging importance of the e-book and its impact on publishing Dyck Sturgess 2011

We’ll also be tweeting from the conference. Follow us at @judithdyck58 and @teresa_sturgess

Thanks to all our fellow students at the University of Alberta Master’s Program in Communications and Technology (MACT). Great program, great faculty and the best cohort. And a special thanks to Mark Wolfe, for inspiring us with his presentation of the MACT course in using and managing communications technologies.



One Response to “E-books and Publishing”

  1. 1 deliuk

    Congratulations Judith on this accomplishment — you & Teresa make the MACT program proud! Happy you will keep us posted from the conference, nothing living vicariously! Enjoy the experience – it is well deserved 🙂

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