Media Ecology Day One


Writing a day one blog post implies the tyranny of day two, but I’ll only commit to a wrap up in case I don’t get back to this 🙂 First, an impression of the Media Ecology Association community. Great diversity of ages and faces and lots of academic rigor in the audience. For every Sherry Turkle, Douglas Rushkoff, Lewis Freeman and Lance Strate, there are many other people also willing to share their insights.  It’s very cool to affirm that we’re all puzzling over the same phenomena of social media and networking and what this all means for our society.

Day One Food for Thought

  • Angela Cirucci – How does having our created online self reflected back to us affect us?
  • Abby Seldon – Narcissus didn’t fall in love with himself. He fell in love with his reflection. Are we falling in love with the reflection of ourselves as projected by social media?
  • Alice Cahn and what Cartoon Network is doing to empower kids to make changes in their lives – wow. 
  • Alice Wilder talking about the need for new guiding principles for our use of new technology and her work in developing Blue’s Clues, a fixture in my life as a parent and now I know who to blame for that jingle forever holding a place of honor in my brain.
  • Douglas Rushkoff – “We learn the grammar of the interfaces as we interact.”
  • Sherry Turkle – Our technological devices are so powerful that they don’t change what we do; they change who we are.

Catch you later. For more information on the program, go to


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